Dependent pass

Hi I have applied Dependant pass for my second child new born in SG...the status shows “we need inputs from other agencies....”. Is this common?

Congratulations to the birth of your baby!
This status message indicates that the authorities are conducting background checks to verify the information you submitted. There is no reason to worry if your submission was correct and true - just be patient!

Hi Beppi,

Thanks for the reply...what kind of background check? Like the passport details or the birth certificate are genuine? And any idea how long will it take to approve?

They can check anything they want. They usually engage for this some vetting agencies in your home country - and depending on how long they (and the authorities, etc. they enquire at) need to respond, it can take between a few days and several months. This is out of MoM's control. Just be patient!

Thanks for the reply beppi...

Hi Beppi

The status again changed to Pending today...what does this imply?

It probably means that the vetting is completed and MoM will continue processing it in-house now.

Hi there,

My EP with the new employer is approved.

Can they proceed to apply for DP ? Or Do they have to wait untill the current DP or my current EP is cancelled ?

Can anyone please help me to clarify this ? Thanks in advance!
I think the new DP can be applied for immediately. The employer should contact MoM to confirm!

Sure, thanks! 
Similar case for me.

Background - Currently I am on EP and my wife is on DP with my existing employer.

My EP has approved and subsequently, received my IPA from the new employer. Just wondering when can my new employer apply for DP.

Do they need to wait till the issuance of EP card.

My new employer told me that they can apply for DP only after my EP  (& DP as well) with the current employer is cancelled.

But what I understand from one my friend and also from forum that IPA for the dependent pass can be applied (similar to what the new employer did for EP)

However, physical dp card will one be issued after the issuance of EP card. 

Did your new employer mentioned any specific reason? Or I have misunderstanding of the application process.
As far as I know, the new DP can be applied for together with the work pass, or at any time afterwards.
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