Difficulty getting entry approval using the new Safe Travels site

Hello! Is there anyone here who has succeeded in securing an entry permit using the new Safe Travels site of ICA? Since last March 15, a new mandate was released where all future entry permit applications to Singapore should go through the Safe Travels site. Ever since the system transitioned to using the Safe Travels portal, it would outright say that you cannot choose a specific date because it is not available. My company has been trying to submit an entry request for my wife (Dependent Pass holder) here in Singapore but for 2 straight weeks, the dates that are being opened up are always "unavailable" regardless if we apply it during 12 midnight, early morning or the afternoon. I was hoping someone who has a successful application could share their experience. Thanks!

Similar experience for me too!

I guess dependents are not currently on any priorities list.
(Letting them in gives Singapore only risks and no benefiits.)
Try again after the pandemic recedes!

Did your employer manage to secure an entry date for your wife?

Curious too whats the success rates for DP

Covid is spiking up again with newer variants, border restrictions may not be lifted for travelers, except Singaporeans and PRs. Please refer to the ICA portal for updates. None of us here would know unless Govt and ICA take a decision (from high risk countries).

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