How to -Golden Visa, and non lucrative

There are 2 types of VISA. Golden or Lucrative or non Lucrative.
(FOr EU residents it is the normal Schengen Visa. Details online. )
For non-EU residents, (including post Brexit immigrants as of 31st December 2020)- The following applies:
For a non-lucrative visa (ie the one where you cannot work)
You apply year on year. 1st year from your own country, at the Spanish Consulate, thereafter from inside Spain.
Step 1) Decide on Date of moving: Not August: Too hot and nobody works, including moving companies. See below
Step 2) Decide on the Area. It goes to different departments so it's best to know. Andalucia- Arabic in flavour, Catalonia very French etc. Generalizations but do your homework.
Step 3) Papers: You will need the ID, of course, birth, marriage, divorce, proof of residence etc for your spouse, kids etc. ALL Notarized, all with Apostille of the Hague, all translated into Spanish. In that order. Expensive.
Notarized: It says the document is real. Apostille says the department that issued it is real, and Translator must be a sworn translator.  The Consulate can direct you to a couple that they use. Not your cousin who speaks  Spanish.
Proof of medical insurance to last you the entire year (Spanish preferably) It's expensive. Paid upfront. See below how to decide on dates.
Money in the bank to last you (main applicant, and your family) the whole application period.
YOu can add pension savings etc, income from the current ongoing business, dividends etc. But they must be from the accepted list and in the bank. Once accepted you have to complete the hurdles in Spain.
Amounts vary from website to website, so best to check with the consulate.
A page-long essay where you say why you love Spain.
An address with a letter from a landlord that says they are prepared to house you for the year. (A signed contract.
SO you have to decide on dates. 6 months to a year in advance is a good start because if you are delayed you have to pay the landlord there: So think carefully about your dates. Also think that the papers may take longer to arrive, so best to judge it well. Speak to the consulate, or get a lawyer to do it for you.

That is non-lucrative.
Lucrative means you intend to make money in Spain. ie take Spanish money from Spaniards and keep it for yourself (silly I know, you work, you earn) there are 3 routes:
Golden or retirement visa: Buy a house/property for 500k in Euros and all the above paperwork and you get it. or
Normal Lucrative Visa, where you intend to work: ie generate work for you and Spaniards) A business plan with a setup company with 500k in it.
It could be just a business for yourself (self-employed)

A good investment is one 500k, or a few small, rental properties, but the market is fiercely competitive.

Or investor: Or Spanish government bonds for 1million Euros (yeah right)
Or 1mill Eu on the Spanish Stock exchange. Knowing what we know about Fiat currencies, pandemics etc, this is not a good idea, but that's my opinion. This means, from the difference in investment that there is a 1:2 chance of this business failing 500k:1000k investment.

HOpe this helps people. Feel free to contact me and I will help where I can. I have emigrated a few times, and I know about containers, packing & heat damage in them, Apostilles, customs etc.

Thank you so much for the detail.

Well written.

I forgot to add: You apply for 1 year from country of origin, then from Spain, annually for a further 4 years. After 5 years you are allowed to apply for full citizenship and get a Spanish (naturalized) passport. YOu can vote.

Another thing I forgot to add, you have to get a couple of papers on arrival: 1) Spanish Identity card/ number This is the NIE. Spaniards get a DNI. 2) for lucrative Visas you will also need a NIF: This is similar to the UK's National insurance number.
YOu will need a Spanish bank account to prove your 36k odd for the following year also, so you will need to do this via a lawyer before you arrive with your initial application.
In that order. YOu cannot get a bank acc without a NIE and a NIF.
I hope this helps

Hi, thank you for this information. I was wondering about working remotely with non-lucrative type of visa. I`ve been reading forums that those that plan to work remotely are being denied in visa. Let me know if you have any relevant information on this one. Thank you!

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