Entry Approval Request - Mobile Phone

I received the IPA for my WHP. To apply for the Entry Approval Request, it requires a Singapore Mobile Phone Number.
I'm not in Singapore and don't have Singapore mobile phone number. I'm looking for some advices from people who faced the same situation.

I'm also in this situation right now...  For entry approval application I give my friend number he is staying in Singapore, once I reached airport immediately I buy SG simcard  and ask my HR to update new number to SHN communication ,( in MOM entry approval they give option to update Employee contact number) so nothing to worry once reached Changi airport you can buy simcard and update within couple of days.

Did you get entry approval from ICA?
I'm still waiting for approval.

Yes, ask you HR to apply multiple times my one 6 time rejected 7 th time they approve

I am also applying for my company entry approval for workers from India and Bangladesh.

I purchased the phone numbers through Singtel. Just call their hotline and ask if you can purchase bulk sim cards. They will direct you to the person incharge. The cards are prepaid and you can choose how much you want. Min 10pcs.

The cards can be activated later when the workers enter SG during SHN.

So uzzlang19, did you get the entry approval already from MOM, so far?

I am also trying to bring in the Bangladesh workers in April, but the application kept on rejecting.

Many thanks for your update.


No luck so far with MOM Entry Approval.

Been applying since January. Extended their IPA too till end June.

I will update here if I ever receive any acceptance.

If anyone has been successful please help to advise me and WINEHT.

I am also looking for mom entry. But getting result as rejected. If anyone got plz post here.

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