Mise en quarantaine des nouveaux arrivants (covid)

Bonjour à tous.
Nous sommes une famille de 4 personnes (+2 chats...).
Nous sommes actuellement en expat en Turquie mais mon mari vient d avoir une proposition pour Singapour.
Ce qui signifie déménagement cet été!
C est donc un.peu la.panique...
Pour lutter contre la propagation du covid je sais que nous serons soumis à une mise en quarantaine de 15 jours à notre arrivée.
Quelqu'un peut il me.donner des précisions sur les conditions de ce séjour car j entends dire que non seulement nous ne pourrons pas du tout sortir de la chambre, mais aussi que nous ne pourrons pas être tous ensemble!?
Merci d avance pour votre aide.

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Good morning all.
We are a family of 4 (+2 cats ...).
We are currently an expat in Turkey but my husband has just had a proposal for Singapore.
Which means moving this summer!
So it's a little panic ...
To fight against the spread of covid, I know that we will be subject to a 15-day quarantine upon our arrival.
Can someone give me details on the conditions of this stay because I heard that not only will we not be able to leave the room at all, but also that we will not be able to all be together !?
Thank you in advance for your help.

You will have problems bringing your cats to Singapore-better leave them in good hands where they are now!

? Why?
Leaving them here is not possible ...

Well, then read the regulations for bringing pets into Singapore and you will understand.
It was very difficult even before COVID, but now the quarantine adds another problem.
Furthermore, cats don't take a move lightly - especially to a very different climate zone.

Yeah I know it will be a big stress for them, and for me!
And I ve seen there s a lot of formalities but we really dont have any other choice. There are my children s pets.
People told me that the centre of quarantine is good. I hope so...
And I hope we could find a place to live with them because this seems to be a big deal too.

Here is the information about importing pets into Singapore:
https://www.nparks.gov.sg/avs/pets/brin … nformation
Including all vaccinations, health checks, airline ticket and compulsory 30-days quarantine, expect a cost of far above S$1000 per cat.
And since cats are not allowed in HDB flats, you exclude yourself from 90% of the housing market (at the lower price level).

I had a cat in Singapore (adopted a stray kitten, of which there are many, looking for good homes), but I lived in a terrace house (with small garden) - which is rare and nowadays quite expensive!
We brought her with us to Germany, with manageable formal requirements, but decided against bringing her back when we returned a few years later - the requirements and stress were just too much (despite Germany being in the easier B category - Turkey is in the most difficult D). She grew old and eventually passed away at an uncle's house.

Of course if I had knew we will move to Singapour, and so soon, we wouldn t have adopted them last year. But now they are with us, they are part of the family...
I ve seen they won t be allowed in HDB but may be accepted in condos....

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