Investing in Germany

Hi Everyone

i have recently started to search for ways of investing, as i think its just better to move around your money than having it sitting in a bank account devaluating.
First i started with cryptocurrency and now i wanted to diversy a bit  and im interested in putting a small % of my portfolio in stocks/etfs

Does anyone have interest in this topic? Any suggestions from where to start , which ETFs/Stocks are recommendable and what does it influence the location ( to be here in Germany) and the broker when selecting a stock (Volkswagen for example has VOW / VOW3/4 , etc), how the tax works and so forth.

My first step was opening an account in DEGIRO which seems to be a pretty common broker with low fees.

Was hoping to create a nice topic of discussion regarding investments/finance in geral

Try the nearest casino or gambling den - without insider knowledge of economic situations, your chances are similar there as in the stock market!

LOL put bluntly, but yeah....this.

If you're interested in diversifying your assets and want something that will give you more returns than a savings account (and I agree, the interest rates are just sad) but still has some level of stability, and you don't expect amazing returns, you have a few options.

The most straight forward is to put money into some sort of mutual fund. There are lots of these available with various levels of risk, some are made up of both stocks and bonds, some just bonds, some just stocks, some include certain kinds of companies, etc...I'd talk to a financial advisor about what you're looking for and what's right for you.

If you want money for a specific kind of purpose (say, to retire or buy a house), you have a number of other options, most of which are available through banks.

Basically, at the end of the day, you should be talking to a professional. Not us lol.

Hello grussgott

I am new to this Forum, but here is my take:

First of all of you warnt to invest in germany thru a german broker, you gotta find out which brokers accept American citizens: What I found so far, these  are  only a few:
Comdirect, onvista and smartbroker - the well known new onlinebroker won‘t take Americans in due to high regulatory requirements aka FACTA/FBAR.

I would not give no direct advice how to invest your money but can name some good sources to do your research on:,, onvista, ARIVA.DE,,,,,, — the last ones are in German only I think.


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