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Hey guys :)

Im new at this so bare with me... Im south african and moved to seychelles a few months back. My fiance(french) and I plan to marry later this year but It has been a real challenge planning a simple wedding. The admin and catering has been sorted but its the tiny details that seems to be problematic. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. At the moment my biggest challenge has been finding a tailor to make my dress. Hope to hear from ya"ll soon. Warmest regards, me :)

Hi carlita_sb!

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I hope that other members will show up with some good recommendations soon!


You are such a sweetheart , Thank you Armand. Its very clear how clueless i am with regards to this but thank for the nudge in the right direction :p .


There is a wedding dress maker at a mall in market street.  The name of that mall has slipped my mind, but it's that mall right opposite of the market.

There is also a tailor in town right behind Deepam Cinema.  A friend of mine made a simple but elegant dress there once and it wasn't that bad at all.

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