Best banking option for retire military living in Japan

I have a USAA bank account and they will no longer offer their products to me because I live in Japan.  I still have a US mailing address for mail but because my residence is in Japan they will no longer support me.  I asked them why they quit supporting retired military living overseas and they had no answer.  I asked why the Better Business Bureau dropped their rating from an A to an F in 2019 and they could not answer that either. 
Does anyone have banking advice?

Hi Bill
Its not the exact info you need, but when I retired and shifted to Hiroshima from Australia I had the same problems with Australia banks.  My Australian pension can only be  paid into an Australian bank, so I use the Australian bank credit card and do an occasional  international transfer, or just use the Japan post ATM for money to live on. Before shifting here I discussed with the bank and got some extra security for my account and registered my Japanese bank details.
If you have someone back in the US that can arrange financial matters for you, it would help.
Not the answer you wanted, but I am a big user of Japan Post ATM and its reliable, but getting cash means paying a fee.
Keep safe

Good info Ross.  Yep, I see myself using a similar method.  Thank you!

As a military retiree. you can get an account at Navy Federal Credit Union.  They have several branch locations in Japan.  You have to open an account stateside though.  I opened mine in Guam.

I have been with NFCU since 2008 and love them.  Unfortunately, there are no branches near Fukuoka but I am managing by using the ATM's and making most of my purchases with the NFCU credit card.  Thanks for the reply. 😊

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