S Pass during pandemic

Any foreigners who have successfully get s pass during pandemic? Is it possible if the foreigners r not staying in sg?

I have noticed few S pass holders received their passes while not in Singapore. It depends on your job scope and job sector.

What about data analyst? It’s a job that is on high demand

Your employer has to show the proof that it tried locally and didn’t find any suitable candidate with required skills.

As I said it’s depending on your job scope and activities. It’s difficult to comment based on a profile name such as Data Analyst.

Hi,just wanna share with you my condition, I'm also forienger staying outside sg, my new s pass application just got rejected last few weeks, currently under appeal. I'm in medical research field.

During these tough period, guess we just have to wait and accept any results, there is nothing we can do, just hope for the best.

There is other threads explaining the process and problem might encouter during work pass applications you can look in to that, it helps alot.

I see.. good luck to ur appeal process. Did the MOM state any reason why ur application was rejected? Do u have any prior work experience?

Yes, they mentioned rejection due to insufficient quota, I have two years relevant experience though. Just hope for the best, good luck to you too.


Thanks for replying. I also find it strange, since I work in Sg for the past 9yrs.
I tried to use all options, when I use option 1 or option 2, I found no record.
I can only use option 3 which is the FIN and birthday. But the record appeared is the
cancelled Spass. Not pending.

Maybe I will check again this coming Monday with my new employer.

Thanks Again.

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