looking for info

hi,i am sammy i have 6 th
months soggiorno in italy and i have married with Norwegian citizen
so all i want to know that can i travel to Norway on my 6 months soggiorno i have marriage certificate too along.

Yes you can , the permesso di soggiorno can be used in the eu schengen area as a tourist visa for no longer than 3 months in every country except for ireland , plus you are married to a norwegian so you can travel freely , no issues .

where is your spouse residing at the moment? Due to the corona situation, it's not entirely clear whether or not you'd be able to enter the country now

https://www.regjeringen.no/en/topics/ko … id2791503/

it seems really difficult to come during the pandemic

thank you for the information.

i have been to the embassy and udi website only family members can travel they have exceptions
so i can .

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