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So, I've gotten an offer from Company A and EP was approved within 2 weeks. However, a week later I gotten another offer from Company B (which is more relevant to my current jobscope). So, I've contacted Company A and paid the cancellation fee as agreed and they had already withdrawn the EP.

Company B is now telling me that they're having issue with the MOM pass application & had contacted the officer they will require some time to review n process.

Question is, is it because of my EP was previously withdrawn so MOM couldn't process my application? :? :?

(I'm so worried that I might have jeopardised myself :( )

Hopefully can get some insights from here and thank you so much!

Generally, it is difficult to tell how MoM's internal processes are working.
There is always a possibility to have additional reviews and delays, which can be based on suspicions or just random spotchecks - and applications can also be rejected for many reasons.
On the other hand, your short-noticed withdrawal certainly could have a negative impact. How negative, however, is hard to tell. I personally don't think it alone would lead to a rejection (if it was the first time and you have not quickly changed jobs in Singapore before), but delays are possible.

Hi, my second round of application has been rejected a week after submission. (I have yet to know the reason of rejection). But just want to clarify, is the acknowledgment of letter of acceptance of job is crucial to work pass application too?

Just a sudden thought if it might be part of the reason of being rejected. As the HR never gives me any letter of job acceptance to sign.

Thank you so much.

Ireney28: Of course you must have a valid employment contract with the employer to get a work pass. Contracts can be in writing or verbal, so a signed paper is not absolutely necessary, but for your own safety you should insist on having one!

I checked on the documents required for application on MoM and it didn’t state it needs the letter of job acceptance. I only got to know in other website suggested that employment letter should be attached too. 😫

And the HR didn’t update me on the reason being rejected. I’m just so worried that the rejection has to do with the previous withdrawn application. 😭

@beppi, honestly appreciate for your inputs! Thanks a lot!

The job offer letter is very much required at the time of application submission to MoM. Not sure if I read your earlier message correctly, your employer didn’t submit the offer letter with your application.

This would be the reason of your application got rejected due to insufficient information. Good luck

Yes the HR didn’t send any form of job acceptance to let me sign. Despite I have reminded them before but they still proceed to submit so I guess it isn’t that crucial for the submission. 

Thanks surya2k!

Hi, so I have get contacted with the Director where he simply told me that the application is submitted and HR is sorting out with MoM.

Is this sounded a bit weird as the application has been rejected and they didn’t say anything about it. While I left stuck here don’t know should I start job hunting again or just wait for further information.

It is always better to have a Plan B, as there is no guarantee that this job will materialize.
Thus I recommend you continue your job search until you have everything secure!

Hi ireney28,

May I know how is your outcome of application?

I am currently applying for an EP with company A and waiting for approval. But I am having an interview with company B this week which the role I am actually more keen in.

Just wondering how is the ep application withdrawal and new application works in advance in case I need to make a decision.

Thank you!

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