Do employers hire LOC holders?

I'm a advertising professional who has recently moved to SG with my spouse. My wife is a Singaporean PR working here, and I am looking for employment here.
My question is - do employers hire LOC holders? Or do they absolutely prefer to have EPs.

Two hiring managers I spoke to mentioned this, so I was curious.

Did you read old threads? We have replied many times. This is a very basic question which I’m surprised that your spouse who is a PR didn’t clarify to you.

What’s your current status here? Are you holding a visiting pass or LTVP? Many foreigners with LOC are working here. Employer can hire a foreigner with LOC but the salary offered may be below market standard.

The last time this was discussed on the forum is already a few years ago. Therefore I repeat here in short the advantages and disadvantages of working on LoC for the employer (and you):
- Many employers do not know or do not like the LoC route. So your job search will have to include informing and convincing them of this option.
- You would not be counted towards any foreigner quota and there is no levy to be paid to the authorities for hiring you. They also do not need to show that no local (Singaporean or PR) could be found to do the job, before they can hire you.
- But getting an LoC for a given job offer is not assured. The authorities seem to apply similar, but somewhat laxer, criteria as for work passes.
- Your LoC is tied to the EP or PR of your spouse - you lose the right to work the moment she loses her pass, for whatever reason. Thus LoC employees present a higher risk for an employer and you might not be given high responsibility roles or tasks.
- LoC is meant for trailing spouses who want to earn some extra money while the main salary comes from the leading partner. Thus they typically receive a pay below market standards.

In conclusion: Working on LoC is o.k. for short-term engagements and to have "something to do". But if you want to get a good job, earn well and have a long-term career in Singapore, get your own work pass instead!

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