Finding work in Uppsala

Hi guys!

Im a 21 year old Dutchie who still lives in The Netherlands. My boyfriend lives in Uppsala and is swedish.

Due the current situations in The Netherlands made me feel like i don’t really wanna be here anymore. And now really want to find a job in Uppsala. Im losing my job in the Netherlands as well, so this is the perfect opportunity.

Im 21 years old, im working since i was 14, and have a lot of experience in a grocery store. Now unfortunately i don’t speak the language so im hoping there are jobs in english!

I speak very good english, and im willing to learn swedish as quick as possible!

Hope there is someone who can help me! And i hope there are people here who lives in Uppsala !

Hello, According to your profile you have a degree in animal care, and since you also need to be somewhere around western side of Uppsala county, there is a pretty big horse breeding center in Heby kommun maybe you can at least start as a trainee who knows worth an attempt. And there are some other trotter racing horse trainers also located around Uppsala Google for them. And there are dog daycare centers in Sweden Google for it too thus "hunddagis". I hope Lorenzo will also see this reply as you saw my reply to him. Good luck!

Everybody in this amazing country speaks english like the queen. So that should not be a problem! Ask your boyfriends to leave your resume around town! People like a paper-resume these days. Makes you stand out!



Thank you sooo much! Yea i love working with animals! So this wil probably helps alot :)

Hello, I am a 27 year old female who is looking for job opportunities in Uppsala in order to close the distance with my long-time Swedish boyfriend of five years.

I currently work in the banking industry and have some experience working for one of the Big 4 accounting firms. I would like to ask if there are certain accounting certifications or licenses required for me to be able to find work in Uppsala? And what jobs or workplaces do you recommend for someone with my experience?

I am looking forward to your help :>

Thank you!

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