I urgently need help with web development.

Hello everybody.
I urgently need a good web development company in Singapore.
We launch the project in three months, our team cannot cope with the loads.
The site [link moderated] has a good list, but we haven't been able to agree with anyone yet.
Maybe someone knows a good company with a good reputation?

Please do not send sites with tops. Please send names.

Hello James,

I am currently a junior web developer, and I am actively looking for a job. I am not sure if you guys have a plan to hire your own developers?

My expertise is in Java and JavaScript - Full-Stack.

Please feel free to check out my Github profile at github.com/reach009

My own web application - StickMe (MERN technologies)

For the company, I would recommend Accenture as they have a good reputation for IT solutions.

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