Covid-19 vaccination for foreigners in Malaysia

Hi Folks, I have just joined the forum. I am interested in whether anyone has any information on how a foreigner ( Englishman ) like myself living here in Malaysia should go about getting himself vaccinated for covid-19.  I saw what was said in the press about us having to pay for it, and I don't mind that, but how do I go about registering myself for the vaccination ?  Many Thanks for any help that you can give.

While I have no interest in the vaccine myself, i think those who want it can answer the question most quickly by walking into any neighborhood clinic. As I remember, the govt has a priority system and expats are down the list. I think they ordered a million doses and more to come later, so if you just wait im sure there will be news about it. They have a contract with China for some doses, and recently said they were sourcing in other places too. The MKN facebook may give updates as the doses come in. Mostly right now MKN is educating people about the vaccine and holding some seminar type of meetings.

A question that may need some consideration is an expats availability to stay in a place long enough to stay on the brand and type of vaccine since injections have to be repeated. Maybe its an issue or not, I dont know. Maybe its OK to take one type here and the next doses in UK or AU or someplace else later.

So, I would say walk into any clinic and ask how to get the shot or just wait for news down the road.

Damn,  r u so anxious to take the vaccine?!!!!

There's no way in hell that I'll take it .

Bro, I advise you to do extensive research before going for it .

I think the Msia govt wants to reach their target by end of this year. So I think for non-Msians, they could plan to get the dose by Q3/ Q4 this year. But again it depends on ones profile. The high risk group will get priority. Cheers!!

Hopefully the world will be flooded by vaccines by summer so me and my wife are getting vaccinated as soon as one is available.

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