Official CV translation required by Colombian employers?


Is it normal practice that Colombian employers require an officially translated (from EN - SP) C.V. and accompanying documents (degrees etc)? I can understand the degrees, but official translation of a C.V. sounds like overkill.

Is this common?

Thanks for your help!

It is normal practice for many companies, yes, certainly for any professional job.  Do you think a US company or a South African company would accept a C.V. in Russian or Arabic and not want an official translation but instead just accept the person's representations as to what it contained?

As I said, I can understand for education certificates but not for a CV. It would be pretty silly if I was applying for a job and my translated CV didn't have the information the original English does. In the US or South Africa a simple CV in English would be fine (regardless of what language it was translated from).

I will obviously supply an officially translated CV if I have to, I just don't see what extra certainty an officially translated CV will give anyone)

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