Mondeo Speedometer

My 2008 2.0d Ghia Speedometer has thrown a wobbly and settles on 40mph when stationary. Suddenly happened one day?? The abs light and anti skid light is on also. I've been told that the lights are a sensor going to the front wheels and the problem with the speedo is a common one and it needs replacing.

My part number is 6M2T 10849 ML, I cannot find an exact replica of the speedo but I can find one with almost the same part number, ending in DL.

Would this fit or do I need an exact match?  Thanks in anticipation.

This is only a guess, but hopefully based on logic.
If one thing goes wrong, it's probably that, but if 3 things go wrong at the same time, it's whatever is common to them.
In this case, I'd be looking for a bad electrical cable, possibly an earth (Neg) wire.

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