anybody got approved Epass bellow 5500 ?

anybody got approved Epass bellow 5500 ?
from November 2020 to jan 2021.
because Self assessment tool not allowing for any position and any experience below 5800.
if anybody got approved Ep below 5500
for any position or experience will be hope for me.

Thank u in advance ur feedback will be hope for someone else.

Please read one of my earlier shared post for your reference. It has details of new guidelines shared by MoM. Good luck

hi surya. Upgrading from spass to Epass is consider as renewal or new application when still spass is valid?

At MoM, it’s always based on your salary and experience, you can see SAT eligibility. So, if earlier you had S pass and now you are eligible for EP then it’s your salary and experience is qualified for an EP. Similarly, if earlier you had EP and now your salary with experience shows that you are eligible for S pass then it’s as per the new guidelines shared by MoM where the salary cap has increased significantly.

So if you are working under same employer who had applied your EP then they will apply your pass renewal near to its expiry.

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