Regarding address during S pass application

Hi All,

I need a bit of advice as I am in the middle of an S-pass application process. I have to give an address to the employer so can I give a temporary address such as my friend's house address.

OR I have to provide an address with a house agreement.

Thanks in Advance and happy festive season.

If you do not have a Singapore address, it is common to give the employer address to the authorities - they should know how to reach you abroad.
To the employer, it is best to provide your overseas address -if one is needed at all (in the age of email and mobile phones!).

Hi beppi, I am in Singapore but the problem is I am staying in a house where the guy subletting the room to me tht means the owner doesn't know.

Still I can give the employer address?

If you are illegally renting a place without the owners's consent, you should very quickly look for another place and move out!
For all official communication, you should of course give the address where you are officially registered (and, by law, must also live).

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