Moving to the USA

I am from Russia, I want to leave this lost country, which is drowned in corruption and where a dictator rules, I cannot describe the feeling of how I want to leave and live normally, and not receive $ 200 a month, I wanted to ask if there are any programs for emigration? Are there any options? It is physically impossible to save money in Russia!



What kind of graduate do you have??? Because the US employers must prove they don't find people (citizen or legals) to make the job.

You can do internships with the J1 visa but it is limited at 18 months.

The only other solution is the Green Card (permanent residence card) lottery butthe next session will be the next automn.

Or restart studies in USA. But need of money too.

It is "funny" because there are a lot of European people who want to live in Russia... And it is as hard as than to live in USA :D

Your concerns are understandable, but this is what I will tell you. If you can't learn to live well in your own country where you were born and educated and got the cultural traditions etc. I swear you won't be living well in the U.S. Here there are their own habits and traditions and nobody needs losers from all over the world to come and make job-related competition here.

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