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Hi there,

Currently im working in singapore, i got another offer from other company which is can give me a better salary than from the current company, the question is, did my new job application can be rejected by MoM within this moment? While I’m already resign within notice period on current company?

Hi , until you get ipa approval letter for the new job its not advisable to resign from your current job. say to new company that you will resign once you get ipa approval letter and from that day 1 month is ur notice period..

After been approved, at least 1 month of resign notice? Or it depend on current company?

Usually for expats in many companies notice period is 1 month .. check the norms of your current company regarding notice period as it varies from company to company ..but whatever the notice period is its always advisable to resign after we get a new Epass approval letter from Mom for our new job..

Agreed, it’s always advisable as a work pass holder first secure your new pass approval before you put your paper and serve notice period as per your offer letter. Good luck

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