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Hi, expats of Peru,

My name is Lino Ugarte and I just joined expats in Peru. It is nice to meet all of you.  Just a little bit about myself. I am Peruvian and live in Cusco and recently retired from the immigration office.   Since my retirement, I have been providing updated immigration information and helping expats with immigration residency, visas, irregular situations, citizenship, marriage, permanent residence, business in Peru, children, and everything having to do with immigration in Peru. I have been helping expats for over 20 years in Cusco. Please consult me with any questions about immigration and also if you would like to buy properties in Peru.

I look forward to helping all expats with the process of immigration which I know sometimes could be confusing.

Thank you.
Lino Ugarte

Lino, welcome to the Peru forum of ...

Many North Americans who are considering South America rule out Colombia as an Expat destination when they start hearing how onerous the tax situation can be in that country.

What are the taxation realities for Expats who relocate to Peru?

How much time can an Expat annually be in Peru without incurring a nasty tax situation?


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