AirMalta going on strike !

AirMalta's pilot association ALPA called for industrial action today after 95 % of the pilots voted for the option. Strike could be called on from 16 th July onwards.

My opinion is to look for alternate travel options as this action is pushing Air Malta further into bancruptcy.

AirMalta pilots or yellow bus drivers/owners .... what is the difference? Maltese bullies all along ......

I'm normally very fair but with AirMalta on the verge of collapsing ( for whatever reason) a strike on the shoulders of passengers is not the best thing to do.

I will not fly Air Malta bully airline anymore .................

Look forward to your comments and Lufthansa is still flying to Frankfurt for less than AirMalta and even serve a free glass of wine.


so you think in mid-August the situation will still be quite bad?

Pity. Workers self inflicting the possible end of an era.
My flights to Frankfurt and Munich , although booked through Lufthansa have mostly been codesharing with Airmalta ie Airmalta flights. The  big plusses are  papers in ENGLISH not just German and no Lufthansa squelchy overcooked pasta .No kitkat though!
Airmalta flights  to Frankfurt are always on time - I lost 2 flights due to Lufthansa delays. So in my case, a glass of free wine is cheapstake,
Yes I will miss  Airmalta 'bullies' if they're gone.
Re: the strike, my understanding is that if it happens it would be mid July and not anytime before or after that.

The daily flight with Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Malta and back at 1 pm has nearly always been on time and no strike so far.

Yes, AirMalta pilots have called for a strike on and/or after July 16 th. Who knows for how long or even if .

The point I'm making is that when your company is going down you should get together to save the situation and not bully your customers with the threat of service disruption. If you are considering flying AirMalta then beware of what happened with the new bus company!

If someone threatens me as a customer I say, not with me. This is the beginning of the end of for KM.


Irrespective of how the blame for KM's woes should be apportioned, never has the saying "to cuts off one's nose to spite one's face" been more apposite.

Could this be what Airmalta have wanted all along though ???

Call me cynical, but if there is a strike then in my humble opinion it would push AM to the brink of collapse.  Then they will have to get rid of all the staff.

Open up next day as Malta Air, pick the staff they want, buy the Planes from the receivers and new airline starting afresh.

Just my opinion however not any fact in this...


a number of issues with that

1. "Malta Air" would have no landing rights
2. someone else might buy the planes from the receivers
3. the company would have no working capital, and couldn't go to the govt to get any as it would break EU law

KM are bankrupt, and have been for some time. They only exist thanks to the Maltese taxpayer.

It's a pity the aero drivers don't have the common sense to differentiate themselves from bus drivers.
Unlike the low cost airlines who now consider pilots as nothing more than coach drivers  ,airmalta pilots still seem to have a good pay packets   - their training was given free too, and by Airmalta.

So much for gratitude.

I do hope Airmalta survives this so I can be ascertained  connecting flights  to Stockhom via Frankfurt and Munich that leave on time.


ALPA will decide on Wednesday if the strike will start on this Saturday 16 th July. In a judicial protest AirMalta warned that it may have to shut altogether if this strike goes on.

On another note. It appears that a larger amount of the 50 mill. € paid to AirMalta to secure services until the EU decides over the restructuring plan was past directly on to BOV. That would mean that AirMalta is probably running out of money again soon anyway.

This way or that way, it does not look good for AirMalta.

So those of you travelling on or after 16 th July. Think about Plan B to get to your destination.

I'm with Ricky... just bullies trying to get there own way no matter what the experience.... It's the typical mentality of "I am more important than you"   I wont fly you even though I am overpaid already, we don't get a raise so we park our buses in the middle of the street, or I paid taxes on this road I am parking in the middle...   

this place has it's crazy quirks like everywhere else.

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And today the pilots have given notice of intention to cease the service on Saturday

And then 62 staff have filed a judical protest holding the Pilots responsible for any damages that they may receive....

What will happen next.....


Its a bit like Tennis really, the pilots smashed it across the court but as it looked like it was gamepoint the Workers came with a brilliant forehand volley.....

and hopefully a winner ... I'm due to fly back this W/E aaahhh!

more like rollerball than tennis

lol.... i think your right there george


me3512, avoid using Caps lock please!

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AirMalta pilots fly hot air balloons.

The strike was just called off ! Why all the hot air in the first place?

Now the blame game is on ! Let's wait for more hot air .....

This was not the last in the hot paint ball game ......