Need help to get Birth Certificate ( Lost during Invasion )

Hi - I was born in Kuwait before the Kuwait Invasion and we had to move back to India during the invasion. My mother passed away and my father never returned back to Kuwait. I dont have my birth certificate and would like to get one. All I have is my name listed in my Fathers passport with my DOB and the indian embassy stamp. Have nothing else ( Civil ID  etc ).  I know the hospital I was born and the DOB based on the data in my fathers passport. Can someone help me how to get my birth certificate

I think if you can't come by yourself to apply for new one , you will need a lawyer to help you.

Can someone help me understand the process. Badly need my birth certificate

As soon a baby is born, hospital issue a birth information pink color paper bearing the details of the mother and father and sex of the new born and time and date of birth. With the help of this document ministry of health issue a birth certificate from the office of registrar of births and deaths situated in Maidan Hawally near Masjid Imam Hussain. If your statement is true that your name has been endorsed By the Indian embassy means that there was a birth  certificate issued , both certificate has a number on it that is the  your civil id number. If you have no doc then it is a difficult case to start from A. You need some one with a BIG Wasta in PACI, your name be retrieved through their computer, if got then your civil id number will be revealed with the help of this number your parent's civil id numbers will be retrieved, a screen shot will be taken to go to the registrar of births and deaths along with photo copy of your present passport (your all record is in archive) it may take 2 to. 3 days to issue a new birth certificate... Without any influential person it seems difficult to get a duplicate civil id.

I think if you can't come by yourself to apply for new one ,you could get it from old files.
You could need lawyer  .إYou must have Marriage contract of your parents.

Thank you Pervez. This is helpful. Would you know if the certificate issued from Indian Embassy will have my civil id ?

The civil id number of card is the need of govt of Kuwait hence I. Do not think. So that same is written in Indian passport however Indian embassy will only endorse any name in the parent passport if a copy of birth certificate been presented with other docs
Kibdly check in passport if any number starts wuth 2 followed by your date of birth with year then 4 digit your civil identification

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The issue here is that I was a minor and I didnt have a passport so no civil id is there in my fathers passport. My name was added and authorised by embassy of India

Hi Ann,. Any luck on your birth certificate.

Please let me know..I am also in the same situation

No Luck - I have contacted the Kuwait Embassy here and they have asked me to send whatever documentations I have. So keeping my fingers crossed

I think you can get birth certificate from the indian embassy in kuwait.Did you contact them?

Hi Ann, I am in the same boat as you. Would you have any leads on whom to approach? i have tried writing to the Indian embassy in Kuwait and i am standing by for a response.

Did you try applying on their site? … rvices.php
If you have a relation in Kuwait, and they can provide the registration number on your Indian birth certificate to the embassy, they might be able to get it for you, but you might need to provide the relation with a letter attested by relevant authorities in India, that he/she is authorized to pick up the certificate.
For the birth certificate in Arabic, you would need a copy of your birth certificate/civil ID, and as someone has stated above, go to the Registrar of Births and Deaths in Maidan Hawalli, and request this. Though they expect the person to be personally there, if not, they may consider a letter of authorization as stated above. But that too, depends on the mood.
Good luck.

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Hi Ann.. Where you able to get your birth certificate or did you get any further information regarding the birth certificate. I have a similar situation for my wife and will appreciate your reply.

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