i need a job in Graz

Hi everyone!

My name is Gintarė, I am from Lithuania. I have a bachelor degree in chemistry, and i need a job. could enyone to help me?

Hi ginciuke02 and welcome to Expat.com! :)

An intro maybe? ;)

You should tell us more about the kind of job you are looking for!

Is it in chemistry?

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Yes, I would like to work within the specialty. I would like to work somewhere in the chemistry laboratory.
Anny suggestions, where I could find such kind of job? :)

Hi, you can try the career-website Jobs Graz, there are many Jobs on the website

I am Muhammad Kashif
and looking for some job in Austria,
related to Computer , IT field.
I am having a MASTER DEGREE in Computer Sciences from CYPRUS.
Bachelor's in Computer Sciences from Pakistan.
Interested Areas.

Web Content Management
Hardware Software

Hoping a poisitive and quick Response.

Muhammad Kashif
00357 999 876 44

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Hi Muhammad,

Welcome to expat-blog!

Please post your advert in the IT & Telecommunications jobs in Graz section, this might be helpful. :)

Thank you,


I came here to Graz a few days ago. I only have a high school education, and I'm interested in finding a job. I can't speak the language very well so I'd prefer something not linked to a lot of talking in german. Any kind of job will do as long as it earns me enough money to support myself.
Mirza Mehičić
Hoping for a quick answer and a good one too.

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