Builder , handy man and gardener

We are just about to complete on a house in the area Charente Maritime. , near Aulnay. We fell in love with that part of France last year.
We would like to use local builders and trades people .
My French is improving daily ! and would like learn more about living in France.
We have several projects we wish to do on the house . And we will be there hopefully in December.
We would love to hear from any builder that may be interested in the work.
We can give more information if needs be.
Thank you and Kind Regards.
Nel & Nick.

Not sure that you are going to find any local builders here in the forum although it's always worth posting an ad in the services section at the top of the page. My recommendation is to ask around the area where you live, check with builder's merchants or look for nearby ongoing projects and speak with the artisans carrying out the job or even look for recently completed projects and speak to the owners of those properties. You could also look for expat groups perhaps on FB in the area and get advice from them.

From my own experience I also advise being very careful with local artisans, the quality of the work may be very good but they can sometimes be temperamental and the cost can also be expensive.

I am interested in your offer for a handy man and gardener,  and i hope i get this chance to join you in your lovely place.
I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Kind regards.

Thank you for your very informed reply.
Much appreciated.

Hi Nel & Nick welcome to France. We have lived here for 9 years in a village 5 km from Aulnay. Please feel free to contact me , I’m happy to help if I can. My other half does building work so may be of use too. X

Thank you for message please try contact me with ****

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Hi Cat.
Thank you for your kind message.
We are just about to complete on the purchase and hope to be able to travel to France over Xmas pandemic allowing.
I will give you my email address and perhaps your partner could talk with my partner regarding the building work etc.
We won’t be living there permanently but I hope to spend as much time in France as possible.
Would be lovely to keep in touch and perhaps meet up when possible.
Kind regards.

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Hi Cat.
Thank you for your kind message.
I think maybe you didn’t receive it as I added my email contact, for some reason this doesn’t seem to be expectable!
Nick my partner and myself are just about to purchase the property, it has taken over 12 months.
We hope , pandemic allowing to be visiting France over Xmas.
It would be great to chat with you but I’m not sure how we go about it on this site.
Nick could also speak with your partner regarding the building work we wish to have done.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes.
Nel x

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