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Hello all,am planning to change my job but it is unfortunate my company doesn't give any NOC is there anyone who offer me advise on how to go about it. Thank you
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When will this new law come into effect that employees no longer require NOCs in Qatar?

Law No 18 removing the No Objection Certificate requirement to change jobs in Qatar came into force on Wednesday 9 September 2020 as soon as it was published in Qatar's Official Gazette.

NOC law published in Qatar's Official Gazette; effective immediately
Terms and conditions for obtaining a NOC in Qatar
Without No-Objection Certificates, what is the process for terminating a contract?

    The No-Objection Certificate requirement to change jobs for employees has been eliminated.
    Employees and employers will be able to terminate contracts, whether fixed-term or open-ended, subject to a minimum notice period.
    Either party must provide one month written notice if the worker has worked for the employer for two years or less of the contract, or two months’ notice if they have worked with the employer for over two years.
    If the contract is terminated without appropriate notice, the party terminating is obligated to pay the other party a compensation equal to the basic wage of the employee for the notice period.

The notification terms required for resigning work in Qatar
What is the significance of these measures?

    No other country in the region provides a non-discriminatory minimum wage for workers. This reform is the first of its kind in the Middle East.
    The law is non-discriminatory. Every worker receives a minimum wage regardless of nationality, industry or job. Minimum wages that have been implemented in other parts of the Middle East only apply to certain nationalities.
    The removal of the No-Objection Certificate requirement will increase the mobility of talent within Qatar and give workers the freedom to change jobs. This severs the contractual ties to their employer and will lead to increased job satisfaction.

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