Employment visa and exit permit

Hello everyone,

While on an employment visa (valid till October 2020), I left India in December 2019 for a few months. However, I was not able to come back afterwards due to COVID-19 restrictions, and eventually my contract with my employer was terminated. As a result, I don't intend to come back to India before the expiration of my employment visa.

From my limited understanding, had I known that I wouldn't be coming back to India, I should have presented an exit permit when I left in December. I don't want to face any immigrations issues the next time I visit India, and could not find the contact details of any authority whom I should contact. I contacted FRRO Delhi but was told that since I'm out of India they aren't the relevant authority.

Has anybody else been in that situation, and if so, were you able to address it?

Many thanks!

as long as you got a stamp at immigration  in your passport that you left the country during the validity of your visa  nothing more is required. Your Employer should have informed FRO that you are not any longer employed, that's all. When you want to come back to India next time you just get a new visa.

Agree to Ruediger.

Oh my mistake, all good then!

Thanks a lot!

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