Manny from Hinckley Uk

Hi I'm Manny from Hinckley in the UK.

I am currently in the process of purchasing a property in the Jaen region of Andalucia for my retirement in a few years.

I am looking to get the outside of the house painted, buy a cheap car to go with it and buy some cheap/secondhand furniture for it.

If anyone can help with any of those, it would be much appreciated.

Kind regards.

Hello Manny
Sean from Ireland here.
Like you, I too had intended to buy in  Andalucia, but a bit closer to Malaga airport, possibly in Antequera because it is on the train route from Malaga. I notice that property appears to be static at the moment due to the pandemic, I suspect. This will probably result in a fall in property prices, so, I will watch out for suitable properties over the next few months. Unfortunately, this year has been a complete washout for the tourist and hospitality sector in Spain.
Best of luck in your search.


You appear to be British. 

I expect you know that after 1/1/21 to become resident you will need around 27,000 p.a. for a single person and around 32,000 for a couple.   There will be no S1 cover available so private insurance required which gives 100% cover with no exceptions nor co- payments.

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