US Expats returning to the US and the Real ID Act

Recently, I returned to California from the PI (via Japan) where there were other passengers with continuing domestic flights.  Many of the following US Expats on the flight had been "stuck" in the PI, Thailand, Japan, S. Korea and a few in Cambodia. 

Many that I spoke with, seemed unaware of the REAL ID Act and did not understand that even if they did not have an updated DL/Real ID, the same passport that they just flew in on, would allow them to continue on the domestic leg of their flight, if Real ID was being enforced.

Of course some Philippine expats stated they were just returning* for a few weeks and would try to return to the PI. 

Note: The original date of compliance was October 1, 2020, but was moved back one year to October 1, 2021, due to COVID-19.

Any of you traveling back to the US between now and this time next year, may want to consider a visit to your state's DMV, just to be updated on this requirement. 

The process at my local CA DMV was fast and simple, except for the cumbersome certification requirement steps from the state's veterans organization, required to include my veterans status on the new DL.  YMMV

*[The topic regarding visa types allowed for returning, at this time, is not part of this post and as an SRRV holder, it is not an issue any longer.]    Please do start a new post, if this is a topic of concern.

Happy travels folks!

The real ID act details.

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