Looking for friends from Canada

Hi, I am a middle aged male, looking for friends from Canada to share with experiences. Send me some tips through my Email. I am writing from Tanzania,

Mr. Bagamoyo

Hi Bagamoyo!

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Hi Armand,


Thank you

Mr. Bagamoyo

my name is Moses b Morison i am looking a friend Canada one of my dream i want to stay to county which different to Africa,no which type friend is if woman or men no matter age am looking friend.

Hi everyone,

My name is Ann- Marie and I am a UK citizen, both my partner and I would like to eventually move to Canada and would love to connect witheither fellow UK citizens living in the Toronto area or any other nationalities. We are coming to Toronto in Jan on holiday for a month and would love to meet with anyone in the area. :)

Best Wishes


looking for a good freind who can feel my emomtion

@bosani rapheal > can you please introduce yourself? Thanks.


Happy New year.

I am Roselyne from Kenya a God-fearing lady 33years never married with no kids looking for friends from Canada.Happy new year 2022

Hi,  my name is Bashiru Sakiru

I come from Ghana

I'm 27 years of age

I'm here looking for friends
From any European countries
                          Thank you


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My contact is***
Check me on wstsup
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 hello ann ... howe are you ??? 

@Christine  hello ... howe are you ??

Hello I am fine thanks and you?

Hai I'm Indian 
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