get Driver's License using foreign license, but not from my country

Hi there!
I moved to Bangkok since Jan 2020 due to my husband's job relocation.

I am planning to get Thai driver's license because mine will be expired soon.
But the problems are,
1. I am from Japan but my driver's license is from US. (I don't have Japanese license nor US citizenship)
2. My family name has been changed due to marriage, so my last name on license is different from my current passport.

I found the information that if I have the license from my "home country", I can skip a few steps and get the license with easy physical tests. I am willing to utilize my current license for easier process because I don't speak Thai much, but couldn't find the answer I wanted. I am not sure where to contact&ask either. Maybe US or Japan Embassy?
Was any of you in the same situation in the past? Or do you have any idea where to contact and ask? If I need to contact local office, do they understand English? Thank you in advance! I look forward your help!

Why don't you just take a test and get a Thai Driving License under the name in your current passport? Why do you need an old driving license?

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