housing in Krabi

Hi everyone, bonjour tout le monde!

I would like to know whether the real estate market took a dip because of Covid in Krabi or stayed the same = plateau?
Does anyone know?
The Dude

Are you looking to buy or to rent?

Property sales prices have come down, but depending on the location, rental prices not as much


Bonjour, Hello

Thank you for your reply. I was guessing that much as I have been watching the real estate market in Kauai and it went down drastically. Yet I do not know if it is a 10% or a 50% decrease. Kauai is about 30% as of today.
To answer your question: It is to buy = acheter, because my wife is from Chiang Rai, where we have access to the family house but still would like to have a pied a terre in Krabi for ourselves including my 9 years old son.

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