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I am an HR professional with 11 years experience. I am on dependant pass. Recently I got a job offer and company has applied for LOC. Given these tough times, what are the chances of getting my LOC approved.


It is depends on your dependent pass. what type of pass is it! LTVP with Singaporean spouse definitely works easy.

Thanks Mr.Abbas. My husband is a EP holder. I am really looking forward for this job.

Without further information about you, the employer and the job, it is impossible to say anything about yor chances to get the LoC.

I am Swati. Can anyone tell if Loc rejection rate has increased during this pandemic? I have recently got job and the employer has applied for Loc. Just wanted to know if the processing time is still same or not. Thanks!

Swati: There were too few LoC posts of this forum in the last months to answer your question meaningfully. You may contact MoM and ask.
If you are currently outside of Singapore, it is unsure if you will get enty approval, even with LoC.

Hi Beppi,
Thanks for ur reply.

I am currently in Singapore.

I tried to check my LoC status online using my FIN number. But its only showing the DP pass related. Can you please let me know how can I check LoC status online? It would be f great help. Thanks

I don’t think it can be checked online. Contact MoM!


My Loc was approved in 5 days till till my DP pass renewal date. Approximately for 11  months. But in due course, my husband Employment has changed and my loc was again cancelled and approved for 2 years during the second approval


Loc rejection is not increased. Usually it takes anywhere between 1 to 2 weeks for approval. Cheers

Thanks Beppi and Bindu25 for msg. I am still waiting for my LoC. Its been one week only.

Dear All,
My friend's  loc application has been submitted on March 19, 2021. Still the status of application is pending. Any one have an idea about LOC application is getting approve before may 1st.

I would not bet on it getting approved before the deadline.
Your friend should get his own work pass instead!

Hi Beppi,

I understand but LOC Application which is submitted after March 19th is got approved. What might be  reason for holding Application in pending? There is no update in Application status also.


Contact MoM to find out what happened to your application. Normally, no status means no application.

Application already been submitted on March 19, 2021. Loc application status showing pending. Many Loc application getting approved. Thanks.

Hi, how you check LOC application status?


Employer only can check application status. We can able to check our current pass status using below link

https://eponline.mom.gov.sg/epol/PEPOLU … yAction.do

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