Student pass for my 18months baby rejected

Hi! Anyone knows what to do if student pass got rejected. My baby’s pass was rejected with no reason stated. Funny thing is I received the email notification at 10pm.
Can I appeal? Or school needs to appeal?

As we have already replied to you in anoher thread (Please do not double post!) student passes are not meant for babies, where the main purpose of staying in Singapore is clearly not studying, but being with the parents. You should apply for a Dependent's Pass (DP) instead!
Your daughter can then attend a day care centre while on DP.

Ok. No need to reply with an exclamation point. Please understand that we are parents. You could have been nicer.

In general, both ICA and MoM don’t provide the reason of rejection. But, you may check with the officer that whether the baby is eligible to apply for a student pass or not. I think No because student pass is allotted to 2000 students at one point of time who are applying for studies. So, this could be the reason why it got rejected.

As Beppi said you may apply for DP if your salary meets the minimum requirement. Good luck

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