Can anybody provide the details for what the license and insurance requirements are for driving a scooter in Las Terrenas ?

As long as it's a scooter no license is required. 

Insurance is also not mandatory but you should not be on the roads without it! 

As an expat you will be guilty if an accident occurs regardless of the facts.

Be safe!

@planner good morning  . how to register a scooter

The process has changed as far as I know.   

You need to register the  vehicle,  It needs to  have insurance.  And you register the vehicle and they provide a sticker for the helmet. I believe the driver needs a drivers license that is valid.

What we do not know is if an expat on a tourist visa can register a scooter / pasola!

What we do know is a nonresident  (i.e. visitor) cannot get a license,,,, therefore cannot register the scooter

therefore will not be legal...

no license, no registration

Two different licenses in RD.... one for cars, another for 'less than cars'....  01 and 02..... motos, scooters, pasolas included

The new law lays it out...

OP should read that thread

@planner that is a very important question. Because I have been driving a scooter here for a year and a half now, and I was told that I needed a Motor Scooter drivers license by one of the officers who confiscate scooters. I stop and ask him as I was driving. And he said I need a Dominican drivers license in order to get a Moto Scooter license. I am not a citizen, so I don't know what to do. I am I going to have to stop driving myself Moto scooter?

What about tourist that come down and get a moto from the rental places?  Is their US drivers license any good, and how about insurance?  If not how do these rental places stay in business.?

To get a licence se you will need residency.

For tourists - your license is good as long as your tourist card is valid.  That's how rental agencies can rent to tourists.

Those who rent to over stayers: if you have any kind of accident the insurance may not be valid.  You take the risk!