I started walking around all the nice streets in Seoul!

Hey guys!

I walk around the Streets in Seoul and upload them on Youtube. My goal is to give everyone who is watching my video that tourist excitement as the global outbreak of Covid19 continues to affect our lives and force us to be under a gloomy self-quarantine at home.

If you guys have any places that you want to visit in Seoul or just K-pop/Hallyu related place that you want to see and visit in Seoul but couldn’t because of the geographical distance or just Covid19, just tell me and I will gladly walk there for you and upload them on my Youtube channel!

These are some of my previous videos that I’ve uploaded on Youtube.

[4K] Walking in Thunderstorm at Early Evening in Seoul - Apocalyptic Sky (Umbrella Rain Sounds ASMR)

[4K] Walking in Hongdae, Seoul Street View

Thank you all and stay safe everyone!

Nice video (Walking in Hongdae). It's a good idea and the video quality is nice. Is that using a GoPro or what type of camera?

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