Working and Living in Peru

I have been to Peru: Lima and Arequipa.  But I have never worked there.  What permit, etc do I need to work there?


I don't have personal experience working in Perú.  But I can point you to some resources.

Hopefully you have 1) a good command of Spanish, and 2) a skill that is in great demand in Perú.  Otherwise you may find it difficult to impossible to get a good job in Perú - most available jobs will be filled by Peruvians first and foreigners a distant second.

Here is a general guide about living in Perú as a foreigner: … xtranjero/

This site is a general one about working in Perú:

This page talks specifically about permissions needed to work in Perú: … o-en-peru/

This official government page talks about the restrictions in place during the covid-19 emergency:

This page here on has not been updated for a while but still contains useful information: … n-per.html

I want to move to Peru for work, I hope

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