Relocating to Antwerp

Hello forum friends,

I am moving to Antwerp in a months time from Frankfurt. I have some basic questions for the people experienced in this forum about living in Antwerp.

Accomodation: Which towns are most preferred? Can you please list them with indication of rental cost ranges such as 1000 - 1300 or 1300 - 1800 etc.

Car Lease: Are there specialist leasing companies? Can I walk in to any dealer and agree to a lease? What is a typical duration in BE?
Can I bring a car from Germany with me if I buy the car just before I leave i.e. is there a minimum ownership requirement before you can import your personal car?

Cost of utilities: how much should I add for utilities? is 300 an OK estimate?

Cost of supermarket shopping: How much on avg do you pay to Carrefour on a monthly basis?

Many many thanks in advance!!!

Well, I live in Antwerpen, and think it's wonderful. What sort of place are you looking to rent? Those are awfully large amounts. You can easily find many nice places from 70-100m² for between €500-800/mo in Antwerpen & surroundings.

We have no car (nor is one necessary), so I cannot really help with that, but I doubt you need to own it a certain time. What I do know is there are different regulations and whatnot from in Germany and if you don't have one now I would certainly just wait and buy it here to avoid all that.

I think 300 would certainly cover it.

Why only Carrefour? There are plenty of supermarkets, and small grocers and markets, why would you want to limit yourself to shopping only at the most expensive store? Regardless, doing 95+% of our grocery shopping at Delhaize, we (husband & I) probably spend somewhere around €50wk. We tend to spend anywhere from like €15-45/trip (most often the ~€20-35 area), and go every 3-6 days, depending how much we got, if we've lots of leftovers, etc.

Thanks a lot Melby!

Accom: I am looking for a house/villa in the outskirts of Antwerp so I guess the price will go up. I need to have a separate study for work so 3 bed min. (working too hard unfortunately)

Car: I need it communting to work (workplace in Wilrjk) I take taxi everyday now from city centre hotel and it cost 50 E a day. There is a bus but I couldnt figured it out yet.

Supermarket: I am ok to shop anywhere! thanks for all the suggestions. We cook at home so shopping is important. Are there bazaars or farm shops for specifics such as meat, fish, cheese, seasonal fruits etc

A allways found Carrefour cheaper than Delhaize. Although I do like shopping in Delhaize more.

0_o ...are you sure you're looking at the right things? Because seriously, Carrefour's prices are excessive on like 70% of their products. The only reason we even go in there is because they have a slightly diff selection in their frozen veg section so occasionally we get an item or two from that.

Actually yes your right sorry I was thinking of a different store Colruyt. Sorry got them mixed up I'm not sure if you have those up in Antwerp. However as for Carrefour (This is the store's that signs are usually green and white?)I remember going to one in Lauven and I spent over 30 euros on basically stuff for a meal for 2 and then eggs and bread for breakfast and a few banana's. So yeah over priced.

Ah, I see. Yes, they are most certainly here; I very highly doubt there is any chain of stores in Flanders that you would not find in Antwerpen >_>. However, there is not one especially close to our home (while Delhaize & Carrefour are), so it's not somewhere I tend to go.

I have been living here in antwerp for 6 months, Carrefour and delheize are the most expensive ones.

Your options are Colruyt, Lidl(didnt like it) and Aldi (never went)

I didnt like lidl because of one product it does not have many options, for example when I checked chicked it only had 2 options of chicken, Colruyt has many and its cheap.
For aldi you must check for your self.

Taxi! 50EU a day!! omg!! you are rich!!! I spent 50EU every 2 weeks in diesel for my company car(and I dont pay it, they do),  Taxis are not the way to save money, but if your company pays the taxy to you then I wouldnt care lol!
With 50EU, I have lunch 10 days!!! Loool! 50x10x4 = 2000 eu in taxis a month you must be crazy

Hey for the bus I forgot, go to, put it in english, take the source and destination addresses and it will tell you exactly which routes to take, and at what time.
I use that website all the times when I need to go to a new place that I never went before.


Hello everyone - I think the best and chippest of three of them is ALVO.My own expirience.:-)

Aldi is great to, their products are very cheap. you can spend 20 Euros and you have 3 full bags, aside from that you can find them anywhere. if you are not sure you can go to the same for colruyt just look up on their website and for all the shops and you will probably find one not to far.

Dear all,

I'm also realocating in Antwerp for study, and the information you provided was very useful.

i want to buy a moblie line in belgium, what options / systems you have and which company provides a good service, espically one that is useful for international calls.

Thank you,

Hey Yasmine,

In Belgium there are many mobile companys, I would recommend buying Ortel Mobile. To buy a sim card costs only 10 Euro and you get 10 Euro credit to call. I know many people that use it because it's cheaper to call abroad from here. But if you want to call domestic to than you should get BASE, I think they are cheap.

Good luck with relocating,

I've never had a problem getting reception with Base.

Hey Monica, Proximus has overall a great reception might be a good idea to check if in your area it's better than the current operator you use. Good luck!

Hi everyone,

I have been living in Belgium for 10 years now and still can't believe how expensive everything is. From grocery shopping to electricity bills. Outrageous!
That being said, I  do like Antwerp, it is a good size city and has a lot to offer. Yet, it is pretty hard to meet people when you are a foreigner, except maybe sometimes from your work colleagues..

Or maybe I am just not good at it :-)


Hi, yeah indeed, electricity is very expensive in Belgium but grocery shopping, depends where you go. Meeting new people is not simple I guess that's like that in ever bit city. Best places to meet new people would be, the gym, pubs, work and than just randomly :)

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