Moving to spain for retirement

I'm considering moving to Spain  and a property within the next 3 months
What if anything should I be preparing now
As regards to  making the move as smooth as possible
I'm 67 and retired  so obviously  pension and healthcare  are my main priority

To become resident in Spain you need sufficient income and full health cover

At present a uk national‘s state pension and health care covered by an S1 is sufficient.

After Brexit it will be much more difficult.

Hi there. I know after brexit it will make it much harder for brits to receive health care with the s1. What about if I'm an irish passport holder then what health care would i be entitled to get? Thanks.

I have dual irish / UK nationalities.  I am registered as Irish in spain

My health cover is provided via an S1 issued by UK as that is where I have paid my national health contributions

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