moving to manizales,Colombia

Hi everyone,I'd like to know if its worth it to send a 20' container of used furniture and household goods to Manizales,Colombia.TY

Assuming you are talking about from the U.S., that would be insane.  There is plenty of furniture available locally.  Also if you are thinking about appliances, don't do it as parts to repair them will not be found in Colombia.

Laker is correct on his points, plus by not sending the big container you avoid logistical nightmares on the back end.

It may not really be possible to ship directly to Manizales, which is well inland.  Shipping to a port, for instance Barranquilla or Cartagena, might incur a trip by you to the selected port* ..  then the necessity of off-loading your stuff into an overland vehicle, transporting it all to hilly Manizales and off-loading to a temporary address or your apartment.  Extra costs, including insurance, and property losses/damages are possible if not certain, all along the way.

For any hard-to-replace smaller items, pack an extra bag or two for flight check-in.  Even if you are charged $50 or more per extra bag by the airline, it may be worth it.


*The distance between Barranquilla and Manizales by ground transportation is over 600 miles, one way.  The Pacific Ocean ports are closer to Manizales;  however, shipping to those ports from your Florida location requires a Panama Canal detour and thus can be much more expensive than using one of the Caribbean ports.

Where are you sending it from?  What are you sending?  Most everything in Manizale is MUCH cheaper than in the US.  The most notable exception is automobiles.  They are definitely more expensive in Colombia.
Where are you shipping from?  Are you currently living in Manizales?  I have an apartment there, but due to Covid I am trapped in the USA until flights resume into Colombia.

If they are shipping from the West Coast, Buenaventura works fine, in fact I think most Colombia container traffic is through Buenaventura and it is much better for shipping to Manizales.

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