Teaching English in Istanbul

Hi everyone, I’m planning to stay in Istanbul for few month and while I’m there I would like to teach 1-1 English to the people of all ages. I’ve got degree in tourism and marketing from a british university and I’m tefl certified. I speak English at native level  (American accent) If anyone has tips for finding clients, prices for teaching etc. are welcome. I’m also interested in teaching online and face to face. Thanks in advance.


Hello Arzy,

Congratulations for your first post. :)

Well, if you are looking for students, you can post an ad in the language classes in Istanbul section, it is free of charge and can boost up your chances.

I also invite you to go through this thread : Teaching jobs in Istanbul where you will find some more information on the prices and on the world of teaching in Istanbul.

If you have further questions, please feel free to ask us on the forum.
Note that if you have different questions, you can create several threads.  :idontagree:

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Hi Priscilla,

Thanks for your kind reply. I’ve read through the jobs section but the posts were back from 2018. And yes just shortly after my arrival I’ll start advertising my lessons. Thanks again for taking time to respond. Take care.


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