Law enforcement and illegal migrants

So today find out today that VN authority have caught 9,000 illegal Chinese migrants, 8,200 so far have been reported. The rest remain in quarantine.

Dodgy operators ship them across the border, and even dodgier person in HCM has a large villa rental with dozens of illegals Chinese.

Just goes to show how little fear of police locals have, get caught and pay some money to make it all go away

Worst aspect of this is that it undermines all the effort of controlling the borders to prevent COVID spread. The societal and economic impact of this sort of activity is enormous.

Hopefully the Vietnamese government takes a really hard stance on these people who traffic illegals into VN during a pandemic and make sure they can never buy their way out of prison. As for the Chinese nationals, they should be sent back to China to be dealt with by the Chinese government instead of being imprisoned in VN and spreading the virus inside the prison.

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