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Hello All,
I am new to TZ via the UK. I am of Nigerian origin.
I am living in Dar Es Salaam, TZ for the next two months whilst working here. I have been considering relocating for a while and I am researching suitable opportunities for schools for children etc.
I work online as a Psychotherapis & Coach and I am interested in meeting others in a similar (mental health) field.
It is wonderful being here - and great to get away from the UK - I am really loving it here.

On my days off I am interested in seeing the sites - I have been to Kariakoo market and Coco beach - I plan to go to Bagomoyo market too - if there is anywhere else anyone would recommend, then please do.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

Hello Awele Odeh,

Welcome to  :cheers:

Thank you for the introduction.  :up:

Could you please tell us more about your expat life so far?

I strongly recommend you to read the Living in Tanzania guide. There is a dedicated article about Leisure in Tanzania where you could find some interesting activities to do.  :top:


Cheryl team.

Have you ever been to ubungo center and kivukoni there is a good view there and please if your need a helper part timely I can be there

Thanks Asma for your prompt reply. I will keep that in mind incase we need part time. Since i am a working mother, looking for some one full time with some experience.


Thanks Cheryl,

Dear Community, I have been here almost 4 weeks now. I have met a couple of locals who show me around.

Request: I work as a Psychotherapist  & Coach. If anyone knows anyone in the mental health field that they can introduce me to that would be great - just to have a conversation about local psychological / psychotherapy practices and services in the area, that would be great. I can be reached on: WhatsApp ***

Asante Sana

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