Visa Options for Remote Workers

Hi Guys hope everyone is keeping safe through this chaos.

Given the COVID situation one thing many of us have learnt is that if you have an internet connection and you're lucky enough to work in a certain field, you can pretty much do your job anywhere.

I've had a look at some apartments and some of the places you can get for under £1000 a month look awesome in Bangkok. The question I have though is regarding visas. Working in sales at least at my current company there are two ways you can get paid: Base salary with commission or commission only. With commission only you have to put yourself down as self employed.

In an ideal world the visa situation would be easy. I just show the Thai tax office my payslips and pay tax in Thailand but I know with these things it's never that easy.

If I was to work remotely in Thailand with my UK base salary how would the visa situation work then? And if I was working commission only I imagine I would be on a different visa since I would technically be self employed? (Will be interesting to see if new types of visa's are created post COVID since many people may relocate abroad and it would be a benefit to these other countries since we would be paying tax there...)

Aside from that my option would be to teach English and work commission only when I'm not teaching, would rather avoid that however.

Your advice is very much appreciated.

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