My husband is Morrocan and lives in Morocco

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Can anyone let me know what is the current situation regarding travelling to see my husband in Morocco and his family. I have been apart from him since March due to the virus. I am a British citizen he is morrocan.


Please see the current travel guidelines and restrictions below:

Entry and borders
Starting 15 July, British Nationals living in Morocco, as well as their families, will be allowed to enter Morocco, but the borders will not be open for tourism. Entry to Morocco will be under the following conditions:

Passengers will be required to present (negative) results of a PCR as well as an antibody test for COVID-19 before being permitted to travel to Morocco, with the results dated no earlier than 48 hours prior to departure. Upon arrival in Morocco, passengers will be required to self-isolate at home for 14 days, sign a statement on oath, and download the tracking app ‘Wiqaytna’. British Nationals resident in Morocco will need to present proof of their residency in the form of a ‘carte de séjour’ (residency card).

Ferries carrying passengers will come exclusively from Sete (France) and Genoa (Italy). The same PCR and antibody test requirements, as well as additional sanitary measures, will apply to ferry passengers.
All passengers will be required to make their own arrangements, including for tests, using private clinics as necessary.

British Nationals currently in Morocco will be able to leave Morocco using the same maritime and aerial routes. National airlines will be scheduling for these flights as necessary, please check announcements made by Royal Air Maroc (RAM) and Air Arabia for further information on bookings.

PCR and antibody testing is not required for passengers travelling from Morocco to the UK, but you will be expected to follow UK quarantine rules.

Family members (defined as “first degree” relatives: children, spouse, parents) accompanying an eligible traveller require a “livret de famille” (family register) to travel. You should consult your nearest Moroccan Consulate before travelling.

So in short - the answer is yes becuase your husband is there, but always seek advise before travelling.

Hope this helps.

I'm also waiting to travel as I got engaged in February this year and was due to marry in July , but unfortunately due to covid-19 everything is on hold. I pray the borders open up soon.

Best wishes

Thank you so much for your reply much appreciated. I hope you get to see you partner soon.

Best of luck and thank you for your kind words :)

Your welcome it's a trying time for everyone at the moment 😢 😢

Hi Debbie,

Indeed its a difficult time for us all, but nevertheless, we are hoping for the borders to open by 10th August next month.

I have a quick question; I have an original UK birth certificate back from the early 80's. Is it sufficient for me to get this legalised or would i need to order a new birth certificate from the General registrar office? Some people on here are stating that the birth certificate has to be with the latest date of up to 3 months?! This sounds a bit confusing to me because the birth certificate is issued at the time of birth or thereafter, perhaps they are pointing to the legalisation process, that the apostille needs to be valid within the 3 months of being issued. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

I hope you don't mind me asking, but how was your process for marriage? Was it quite stressful or straightforward if you have all the documents?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

No I don't mind you asking questions I did enough asking 😂. You have to have the big birth certificate not the little one. Mine was with in the three month time scale they can be very funny about the time scale. My husband done must of the running around and it took about three weeks to get everything done and that was getting the marriage certificate translated back into English.

Haha thanks for responding. I have the big and small one, but I will stick to legalising the big one and keep the legalised apostille within the 3 month timeframe.

Take care and stay blessed :)

You too and good luck on your upcoming wedding.

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