i need a device that truely gets push email. and no, i dont want an iphone because iphone isnt really true push.....

i know all three phone companies claim to offer free msgs, free email, and 1Gb of data for SR99/month....

now if i get my email pushed to me on a blackberry phone, is it really unlimited or is it using my 1Gb of data?

and which service provider is the best?

1Gb of data is the total amount of data that can be transferred in a month. Since I have been on this plan, I think I am right when I say that this includes the Emails that are received and sent form the phone. Yes, this does limit the usage a bit. I have a fairly moderate usage of the service and I am still to cross the 1 GB mark.

go for Zain their offer crazy. visit their office at Rashid mall

Mobily now has BIS for SR50 a month... But think it is only for a limited time...

Sigh, back in South Africa BIS was the equivalent of around SR32, not SR100 here!

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