Hello, I am currently living in Guayaquil, Ecuador with my wife. We are planning of relocating from Guayaquil. We have three countries on our mind right now and we will really advice.
We have Brazil as our first choice, Argentina as our second choice and Chile. Please I am posting this for help. We are Missionary of the Gospel.
Any one with broad knowledge about the above listed countries will be well appreciated.
Thanks and God bless you.

Why leave Ecuador?  You are needed in the high country here.


I am currently living in Guayaquil, Ecuador with my wife....

We have Brazil as our first choice, Argentina as our second choice and Chile.  Please I am posting this for help.

Dear Glay Ducky,

You would be well advised to cross Brazil off your list and keep abreast of the covid situation in any countries you might consider.

Brazil has the worst covid results in the region .. and second worst in the world.  The national "leader" is an acolyte of The World's Most Dangerous Man and can't be voted out of office in three months.

An added benefit of avoiding Brazil is that you can take the Spanish you have learned in Ecuador to almost anywhere in Latin America, just not to Portuguese-speaking Brazil.

The advice you got on this thread from Dottore to transition to Ecuador's highlands is also worth considering.  The covid death rate in Guayaquil is far worse than elsewhere in La República, even accounting for the fact that such statistics are not exactly reliable.  Also, you will find the milder weather at higher elevations -- such as Quito and Cuenca -- more pleasant than in the steamy lowlands of Guayas province.



Argentina [is] our second choice and Chile.

Argentina has many beautiful places.  Most of Argentina enjoys four-season weather -- unlike countries close to the Equator.

There is some consensus that the country's economic problems in this century make Argentina a mess.

That may not necessarily be a reason to avoid the country for Expats whose dollars go far in Argentina and who may not be seeking a traditional 9-to-5 job.

Mar del Plata and some of the other 'balnearios' get real quiet in the off-season months -- meaning most of the year -- and beautiful Patagonia can be frighteningly cold and windy in some months.  Overall, though, there is vast beauty in Argentina .. and its leading city, Buenos Aires, is considered one of the world's great cities with fabulous cultural assets and restaurants on offer, covid permitting.


Thank a lot. I really appreciate that. God bless you.

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