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My name is Kia, I'm currently living in Kuwait but With my desire to work in any EU countries, I am ready to leave the country(kuwait). I have experience as  bank teller, I worked in restaurants and currently working as HR assistant in a medical center. I am willing to accept any job offers for as long as I can work legally in any EU countries. I hope I can find one job offer.

Hi Kia,

Denmark has rather restrictive rules when it comes to open the doors for Non EU-citizens. Your experience as a bank teller and within restaurants won't open doors. I cannot say whether you can land a job on your experience as an HR assistant. I must admit that I don't think so as I am afraid that you'll not be able to meet the pay requirements for expats.

Jobs for non-Danish speaking people are pretyy limited apart from the IT jobs. Therefore concentrate on job ads in English. In your case, I would just google the English job term on google.dk and se if something interesting turns up.

Try jobzonen.dk
This site has a list of the job portals. Maybe, it's not up to date, but take a look.

You're welcome back if you think I can help you further.

Good luck,

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