Employment and new work practices in Colombia

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In diverse sectors, employment in Colombia has been tremendously affected by the current crisis.
We invite you to share your experience on these changes in the professional world in Colombia.

Did new work practices emerge over the last few months?

Is working from home becoming the new normal or is it still marginal?

What about recruitment in companies located in Colombia?

Were there new laws passed regarding work? If so, what were the consequences on the labour market?

Finally, what is your personal experience on that matter and on your own job specifically?

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Cheryl :

In diverse sectors, employment in Colombia has been tremendously affected by the current crisis....

Were there new laws passed regarding work?

The airline industry, in particular, has been devastated since March by the covid pandemic.

International passenger flights were halted in March, at least through the end of August, and in May, the two leading airlines announced they had filed for bankruptcy.  Domestic flights were canceled through June.

Only Colombian citizens, residents and diplomats have been permitted to fly internationally.  Some so-called humanitarian flights were arranged for these individuals.

The unemployment rate for the most recently-reported month, May 2020, was up to 21.4 percent nationally, more than double the rate for most months in 2019.

There have been lockdowns and curfews in certain cities, some of which were lifted or modified in June.

Seniors over age 70 were directed to stay inside their homes, except for one hour a day and only on certain days.  Later that was relaxed to two hours daily for this at-risk population* specifically for health and financial services, and for food and medicine purchases.

Colombia is experiencing its worst recession in more than a century.

   -- Sources... Wikipedia and Colombia Reports

*On July 4, a federal judge ruled that the government may not impose discriminatory restrictions on those over age 70.  -- Aljazeerah

In June, the mayor of Bogotá reimposed a total lockdown of a working-class part of the capital that is home to about a million residents.  -- Aljazeerah

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